​​Our experienced team of finance professionals understands the intricacies of a challenging market. Our success is due in large part to our expertise in project, trade and structured finance as well as in our ability to craft innovative and flexible solutions for our clients. We also provide hedging solutions, whether to maximize market upside or to protect against the downside, always attached to the relevant commercial contract.

Business Development

​Our clients often require short- to medium-term funding solutions linked with commercial supply or marketing agreements. From evaluation, to negotiation, to implementation, our business development team will cover every aspect of the transaction, finding the optimal financial solution to meet every client’s needs. About a third of our business is concluded with some form of structured commodity finance associated with commercial deliveries.

​ In order to continue production and remain cash-flow positive, suppliers and consumers may periodically need to make investments and require medium- to long-term financing. One challenge is to determine the best financial resources to mitigate risk. We will act as an intermediary between our clients and strategic investors and banks. By linking the commercial contract and repayment schedules, we are able to take the lead in such structures and assist in securing the required capital. We are continually evaluating new opportunities in order to meet our clients’ expectations and build solid partnerships worldwide.


​MRI specializes in the trade of concentrates, ores and non-ferrous metals. We provide a secure and stable global trading platform through which we market or source the various products. Our network of offices span the globe ensuring prompt and timely flow of trade intelligence which provides us the ability to act swiftly and efficiently to our customers’ requirements. We provide trade finance solutions to both suppliers and consumers alike in the form of pre-production, mine-site, refinery and port financing. Additionally our global team of experienced operation and freight staff return value to customers through the provision of efficient freight and storage solutions from origination point to final destination. MRI constantly extends to its customers tailor made solutions to mitigate price risk and volatility in today’s commodities markets.

Risk Management

Risk is an inherent part of our business. Understanding it and managing it is crucial to our success. The company has adopted tight internal control systems in order to ensure that risk is significantly minimized or eliminated. An expert derivatives desk, along with sound relationships with brokers, allows us to hedge the underlying market price risk. We have established uniform contract terms which are applied globally in order to mitigate the commercial risk of transactions. When applicable, comprehensive insurance solutions are put into place.

An exemplary track record has afforded us our solid reputation with banks and financial institutions. Our extensive lines of credit, structuring and project finance capabilities, use of advanced financial instruments and insurance facilities, allow us to provide the ideal solution for every one of our clients in this challenging financial climate.