MRI has a Grievance Reporting policy, which encourages employees, vendors, and all stakeholders alike to report malpractices and misconduct in the workplace. The policy establishes a confidential line of communication to report concerns about possible improprieties to MRI’s Integrity Group, and ensures the independent investigation of such matters.

Alternatively whistleblowing reports, sent directly to MRI’s parent company CWT Ltd., can be lodged via the form below. Whistleblowing complaints of materiality will be reported to CWT’s Audit Committee for their independent review and appropriate follow-up actions, including further investigation if deem appropriate by the Audit Committee.

MRI, and its parent company CWT Group , will treat all information received confidentially and protect the identity of all whistle-blowers. Anonymous disclosures will be accepted and anonymity honoured. Employees who have acted in good faith will be protected from reprisal.

Confidential line of communication to CWT Group

The information submitted using the form below will go to CWT Limited's senior management.

I accept MRI Data Protection Policy, especially the processing of my submitted data.